J. Derrick Pierce, Photographer

Whether it’s a spring morning with the purple wisteria hanging in clusters, a hot August afternoon with the air so thick it creates a haze in the distance or a colorful fall with the red of the Sassafras trees dancing in Autumn glory, the South inspires. 

We all live a lifestyle surrounded by lovely things, some handed down from the past and many created for your future.  Your heritage.  Let us create beautiful images together.  JDP

When selecting a photographer think of us. . .

Where Innovation Meets Quality

derrick pierce

When you need a photographer you want someone you can trust of course, but also someone to help you project your image. Review my work and I think you'll agree you have found your photographer. Most of our clients want something new and innovative, but at the same time show the quality of their product and image. Whether you have in mind - commercial images, headshots, promotional images, family portraits, etc. Please think of me, Derrick Pierce, for all your photographic needs.

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Please text the phone number below with questions or needs.  Texting helps me to know who I am speaking with and lets me know it’s a real person, not a robo call.  Thank you DP


Brentwood Tennessee





If You Believe in beautiful photography, and me. . .

Everyone can take a picture.  And, occasionally you will get the ‘lucky shot’.  The difference between luck and precision is how you look at what you are photographing.  You see a fall forest and snap a photo.   I wait until the morning sun lights one amazing red maple reflecting it’s color at just the right angle across the lake.

You snap a photo of someone or maybe yourself.  You look at your phone and are disappointed.  I look at you and see not a mirror image, I see the life behind your eyes, or a smile that you just got that new job.  I see that your nose is a tiny bit too long from certain angles but a slight change in perspective will correct it, no problem.  I see all the possibilities, because I am a professional photographer.     DP

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