“You Invest time into the things worth doing, and you invest money into the things worth having.”

Photography is the history of your family, the growth of your business, the driving force of your career.  It speaks loud and strong, the statement, I Am Here!  LDL


Commercial photography

promotional images

Head Shots – A photography session with up to two clothing changes for a very professional expensive look.  We offer corporate background colors to help project a cohesive corporate impression on websites and literature.  With a high end finish, we include retouching on chosen images, and include all your image files, for  $125.00

(You can save with each additional person at the time of session.  Ex: 2 Clients 18% discount, 3 Clients 20% discount, 4 or more Clients 25% discount.  Great savings, so bring a friend!)


PROMO Sessions – For our clients who are musicians, actors, models, politicians, lawyers, doctors, dentist, etc.  You need artistic images to best promote your style and skills.  Derrick can project ‘the real you’ through his lens better than anyone else.  How?  Because he knows Lighting = Emotion, while Perspective = Style.        Cost includes the use of all your images, retouching main images, and 2 Hours/One Location  at $295.00

Half Day 4 Hours/2 Locations at $565.00

Full Day 6 to 8 Hours/3 Locations at $795.00*

*(Pricing, time, location may be adjusted to best fit your goals.  Please tell us what you need and we will be happy to make it happen.)


PROMO IDEAS  –  Photography tells an immediate story, so it’s important to use images to promote whatever you are working on.  We have worked with Lawyers creating images of their professional working environments, their staff at work, as well as images of them working in court.  Just with pictures any potential client knows what they are getting by hiring the best.

Musicians singing, playing and writing as well as in their stage persona/clothing.  Again, the soul of the performer expressed in every image.

Video is important, but many times you give too much information, when all you are trying to do is see your honesty through a straight forward expression, or your cool being so into a song your heart shows in your face.  A Model who can sell a mood with just an expression.

Images can say more in one instant than a ten minute video trying to persuade someone with words.   


Commercial Photography Portfolio

Please see our full Commercial Photography Portfolio. Simply select the image link above or go to PORTFOLIO in the header.


commercial products

Commercial Products can be anything from a Limo to a Bicycle, an Industrial Tank to a Diamond Ring, or  Hand made Boots to a Toaster Oven.  But to our clients it’s “their baby”.  The thing they are trying to sell to the world by showing it in the best possible light.  

You love your product and Derrick loves to create over the top images to help sell your babies.  He works with you and/or your art director to paint a feeling with light.  We create feelings not products because it’s feelings that create need. 

His goal is to not only to give you what you expect, but create images that speak to your clients.  Expressing quality in every image!


Please call us for an easy quote. . .

Because we have photographed everything from industrial steel plants, to hand made pottery, product pricing isn’t a one price fits all.  

Simply tell us what you have to photograph, how you plan to use the images from a simple website to an enormous billboard, and where the shoot is to take place.  Ex:  Expensive Jewelry done on site, Shoes can be taken to our studio, or we are lighting an entire manufacturing system.  Your quote will be reasonable and timely. 


wedding pricing

Wedding Photography Pricing Made Simple:

Why is wedding photography prices are all over the cost spectrum?  The price is the “value” of the photographer indicating all the wonderful things he can do for you:  

  • Derrick’s images are stunning every time.
  • He has a 90% quality rate, which means your images will turn out beautifully and you will be overjoyed with the selection.
  • People love him and trust him as well as his team.  This creates ease and comfort with all your friends and family.
  • Lastly, He works fast and with confidence.  The bride doesn’t have to handle the photography schedule or tell him what to shoot.  That is why you hire the best, D. Pierce.

5 Hours is $995.   Additional hours are $150 each if scheduled in advance ($200 if added the night of the event).  We like to know what’s expected of us so we can schedule our team. Do not try to go cheap and we end up working 10 hours while you only schedule 5 hrs.  I promise it will cost everyone.

Thumb Drive with ALL IMAGES:  $595.00 (If needed add $50 each additional thumb drive for Mom’s.)

Free Image Thumb Drives are available if you order one of our Professional Wedding Albums.  Let’s face it,  you’ve gone to so much trouble to have stunning images, that tell a story of your beautiful day, and then the images go into a drawer lost to time and life going forward.   Let us design an album for you, to share with friends and family, to look at every anniversary, and to show your children.  This is the best example of PUSHING THE EASY BUTTON.


infant and children

My First Year

4 Sessions + 1 Session Free all for $195.00

Why 4 Sessions?  Your child will change the most from 3Mths, 6 Mths – just sitting up, 9 Mths – wahoo! they are crawling, and 12 Mths – Standing.  No other time in their life will they change so drastically.  Not to mention you can also do a baby panel for their room.  (You may use the free session for newborn images, announcements, etc. or wait and use the free Session for 2 years, or a Family Shoot.)

Individual Image Prices for Prints and Image Files will be posted for you and your friends.  A thumb drive of all your images at the end of the first year is $595.00 but anything you order during each posting is subtracted off the price of the t-drive at the end of the year.  So we suggest purchasing the images you want, not only will you receive beautiful hand retouched images you are working toward your FREE Image Thumb Drive.  

Children Sessions:

Our Children Sessions are from ages 1 to 12 years, one child only (you may add $25 for each additional child during the session) are $125.00 includes:

  • Posting for orders of images and/or files.
  • Anything ordered is hand retouched.
  • All portraits are emulsion prints, color corrected and long lasting.
  • Black & White Film Quality Prints Available
  • Framing Available

*We are a full service studio.  No more chasing around trying to remember to get prints. 

If you prefer an all inclusive package:  We have a 1 Hour on Location Session + Thumb Drive of Images (5 Art Images Included) for $395.

(Add $25 for each additional child to the package price as well.)



other sessions

Senior Sessions

Our Seniors Sessions are the Best Ever. . . Boom! You invest $395 for 1 Hour On Location and You will Receive a Thumb Drive of All your Images. Also, we Post the Images for Family to order from us. This prevents our Mom's from have to deal with everyone's orders. Also, you receive a Gift Certificate for 50% Off a Family Photo Session only (50% cannot be used for packages). Family Sessions are great to have done before your Young Adult goes off to College. Trust me, it's hard to get them back home for any family event, much less a photo shoot.

Family Sessions

Our Fun Family Sessions are the best. We photograph not only the entire family, we take the time to photography individual children, grandparents, as many set ups as you like. We also, work with you to select clothing and help with scouting locations for the best background. 1 to 2 Hours/On Location and Unlimited Set Ups for $225. We will post the images and everyone can order as they choose. If you prefer a complete package, for $595 you receive the session and everything listed above, plus a thumb drive of all the images, including 5 Art Prints. (Art Prints are retouched and corrected for printing. The more people in a session the bigger risk of having to change heads. Don't worry it doesn't hurt!)

Sweet Sixteen Sessions

We Love Sweet 16 what a beautiful age for whatever party you have planned. We do a 1 Hour On Location Portrait Session and a 1 Hour Party Session all for $695. It includes a Thumb Drive of all the Images, Plus a fantastic Sweet Sixteen 20 Page Booklet. She/He may add a few personal images of Events, Friends and Special Personal Images of their 16th Year. Great Value. . .Beautiful Images.

please call for Quotes on any other events, parties, class reunions, or need:

Derrick is a World Class Photographer

He can handle all your photography needs, specializing in Lighting. What this means for you is beautiful portraits and unbelievable quality images. Experience you can depend on. . .
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